Guardian S.I. Platform

Guardian SI Platform was a system designed for a pharmaceutical laboratory. It basically is a library of assessments and studies of different pharma products. It could be used to study previously performed and recorded assessments, as well as to run new analysis.

The main requirement of this project was to create a functional prototype that could be used to demonstrate different functionalities as result of different permutation combinations of various parameters.

The final prototype could display very complex study results in different formats, for different users and purposes. That included histogram plot, dynamically changing network diagram and a fully functional nodal diagram.



A complex systme, Simplified!


Reports generation based on different permutation combinations of inputs from user


Dynamically changing Tabular & Graphical view of study results

It was a very complex system, and the biggest challenge was to design a simple application. An application that could not only be used for tons of purposes, but also could be used without much of a training.