Go Meeting App

Business requirement was to create an internal mobile application for the client that all the employees of their company could use to book any of the meeting and conference rooms they had at their workplace. Additionally, it will help administrators to manage & maintain the rooms, provide required facilities to the bookies.

I did competitive analysis, conducted user interviews and research, and worked on the UX design for this project. That included creation of personas, empathy mapping, user journey mapping, IA design, creation of low-fidelity wireframes, designing & creating a working prototype of the app. We designed to create app for both, iPad and android.



Integration with outlook for direct booking from email


Real time dashboard, Room utilisation & management reports


Automatic integration with calendar applications for scheduling, notifications and reminders to all the attendees

It was a very complex system, and the biggest challenge was to design a simple application. An application that could not only be used for tons of purposes, but also could be used without much of a training.