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GLS Calender 2018

Global Logistic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Calendars are important part of customer relationship for Global Logistics. They gift these to their customers every year. The idea being, that these will be placed on the desktop and work as a continuous advertisement. Therefore it is very import create an attractive as well as useful calendar.

After the very fist calendar in 2014, it was discovered that their customers are used to make small notes on the dates for various purposes. So providing white space for that was also necessary, in spite of small size of the calendar. This was further challenged because they made notes planning for next month. So the project involved designing a table top calendar with each page to have three (previous, current and next) months’ dates, with provision for shipment planning for the customer.

Started with the sketchy theme, the theme that was being used for all the design of the firm. Similarly, when we adopted vector art style with a refreshing feel, the calendars were created with vector style.