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we are unique

We at GLO-IND cater to all the logistic service requirements of International trade. Our vision “ Be the First Choice for all stake holders through/by offering Excellence, Talent and Respect.” is our goal. We will achieve it by believing and practicing our mission “To connect productively all contributors to cross border deliveries in the global arena through a fair sharing of the business rewards!

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Freight forwarding

We are a multi modal operator and are well equipped to move cargo by sea and air and where required by road and rail.

Custom Clearance

Our experienced technical experts at Expert Logistics can help your goods clear quickly and efficiently with an automated customs clearance network.

Project and Break-Bulk

We carry oversized and heavy cargo internationally both in containerized form and as break bulk.

Consulting & Advisory Services

we extend and extra hand to avoid mistakes in documentations/licenses and thus ensuring legal compliances, to reduce the costs and to ensure that there are no avoidable instances of delays.


GLO IND LOGISTICS offers transportation services as a constituent of Multi Modal Operations.

Custom clearance

Our Customs Clearance Services facilitate your freight assuring you an effortless and secure customs clearance process.


We offer warehousing in public as well as private warehouses for storage, unloading, loading and stacking activities.

what makes us unique

We understand that every single international trade transaction is intricate in nature and thus is bound to challenge the practitioners of international trade perpetually. To win such challenges collectively we add value to our logistic services by:

  • Planning cargo movement in light of the operational hurdles
  • Pre-checking of important documents
  • Advising the right option

All said is achieved at GLO-IND through/by

  • An experienced and enthusiastic team
  • Live monitoring of cargo movement
  • Committed support of all role players in operations

You are always the winner when shipping with us. Here are some of the benefits we offer

  • Reduction in Cycle time of International Cargo Movement.
  • Making the Inventory levels leaner.
  • Elimination of losses being incurred due to lack or delay in information.
  • Elimination of delays and losses by ensuring error free documents.
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